Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spectrum at Arbor Heights Elementary?

The West Seattle Blog gave a great recap of the School Board Meeting last night. According to the West Seattle Blog,

West Seattle board rep Steve Sundquist is asking why the district did not respond to a community request to offer the Spectrum gifted-education program in a West Seattle elementary school (Arbor Heights has been suggested - right now West Seattle’s only official elementary Spectrum program is at Lafayette in the north end); the staff response was that the closure process caused some bumps in the feedback process, and that explanations of the denial will be forthcoming “now that everything is final.”

If anyone has more information regarding this, feel free to post the information on or add comments to this posting.

It would be great to have a south cluster Spectrum Program. Arbor Heights would be a great school to house this program! Perhaps a new thing to rally for?