Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In the News - Arbor Heights Elementary

We are getting the word out in the media. Suzette Riley, PTSA co-president, contacted TV, radio and newspaper outlets in Seattle today, and did interviews with KOMO TV, KIRO TV and KOMO Radio, KIRO Radio. Several parents were on TV today too (Yay Sharon Ruud + Tammy Wooley!)

Debbie Taylor was quoted on KUOW.

Arbor Heights parents attended Steve Sundquist's coffee chat, which is described in the West Seattle Herald (with pic):

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Tracy @ West Seattle Blog said...

We posted live from the coffee meeting as it happened
click here
and will be continuing to cover information and developments 7 days a week, as often as there is new information to share - please let us know everything you are up to, before/during/after (and of course we will monitor this site).

We have set up a special coverage category for all WSB reports related to this round of proposed school closures and changes
so everything we have done (dating back a couple months to the first hint school closures were looming) is archived there, newest to oldest.

For anyone who uses RSS readers, you can subscribe to that category by clicking the "rss" next to "West Seattle school closure" in the category list on the right sidebar of WSB.