Wednesday, December 3, 2008

School Board Meeting Reports

A couple of blog posts are in early from tonight's Seattle School Board meeting.
I was really, really impressed by all of the speakers from Arbor Heights. Can I possibly feel any prouder of my school?

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Tammy Wooley said...
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Chris Conley said...

The speakers and parents who went to the district meeting tonight from Arbor Heights really demonstrated wonderfully the strength of our community. Great job and thank you for standing up for the Seattle children and community.

Sherry said...

I want to Thank all of those who got all the facts and recomendations together for tonights meeting. Also, for all the Arbor Heights speakers "Excellent JOB".

Arbor Heights Parents ROCK!!

WS said...

We posted our followup very early today (in addition to the in-progress post that is linked here already) with video of each of your six speakers from last night, in their entirety, in six individual clips (click here) - Tracy at West Seattle Blog